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Here’s what some of our recent clients have told us!

“Very nice people to work with, Richard explained everything he intended to do and gave me a price so I knew what to expect. They were very thorough and followed up after the initial service was done.”
– Mark G., Harwich, MA

“Richard was great – worked with me and my tight time schedule. Very happy with him and the completed job.”
– Jack A., Harwich, MA 

“Everyone we dealt with was great! Good job everyone.”
– Elizabeth G., East Dennis, MA

“Team was exceptional – Outstanding job; hardworkers, attention to detail, thorough and comprehensive approach to the job!”
– Dave M., West Harwich, MA

Richard was a pleasure to work with & diligent in getting his crew to us. The 2 men were extremely professional, hard working and diligent in cleaning our roof. Many Thanks!
– Jill & Adam, Dennis, MA

“If you are considering using Clean My Roof – do it!! The process is unbelievable and made our shingles and roof  look new. I can’t think of any other project with an equal bang for the buck. Just as importantly, Richard and crew are fantastic. They are honest, dependable and go above and beyong. It’s too bad more companies aren’t like this. The whole experience was exceptional and the results are too!
– Lisa and Russ G., Harwich Port, MA

“What a great job, the crew were just terrific and the roof looks brand new and it truly was a mess before the job. Nice to see the professional and courteous crew.”
– Pat M., Osterville, MA

“The work was excellent and the workers were thorough, pleasant and of course, Richard was the BEST. Thank you so much for making our house look so beautiful.”
– Jim and Mary Jane., Orleans, MA

“Richard was extremely nice during the estimate. The two men who did the work were courteous, checked w/me on several points, and spot painted peak trim that was chipped (their idea). I felt the service was exceptional. Thank you so much.”
– Laurel J., East Harwich, MA

“I am quite satisfied! Good work, good at coming when you say you will, nice results! I have recommended you to others. Thank you.”
– E. Hogan, Brewster, MA

“Thank you very much for making my roof look like new. I was surprised that the results would be immediate. Some of the do-it-yourself hardware store solutions advertised a 6-8 week post application wait for optimal results. gave me the results I wanted that day. Thank you.”
– Rob. M, Cape Cod. MA

 “You did a very complete job. My roof looks great and like new.  You left the house and grounds looking like a picture! No mess left behind. No bushes damaged, etc. Awesome Job!”
– M. Cullen, Cape Cod. MA

“My roof looks great! Like New!“
– Cindy O., South Chatham, MA

“Great job! My roof, cedar shingles and patio look like new. Not only did you do quality work, but you hire quality workers. What a pleasure to work with professional, honest and sincere people. I will recommend you to everyone. Thank you.”
– Jean R., Centerville, MA

“We are satisfied with our roof. My wife has been on my ass for a month to have it cleaned. When I saw your sign on the Rt. 39 round-about I knew I was dead in the water.”
– Al R., Orleans, MA

“Initially I thought the price was high, but since I was comfortable with Richard, I trusted that he would stand by his work — As it turned out this was a very professional contractor with excellent help & workmanship. Once I saw the equipment he brought on-site I understood why his proposal cost was fair. This is a No Bleach-n-Go outfit. They took extra care of my property. Many Thanks.”
– Frank B., Cotuit, MA

“Great job! Looks like a new house! And feels like a new house when I go outside and look at it. Yes — I would definitely recommend your company. Many thanks. You have a very professional work force.”
– Maureen S., North Falmouth, MA

“I was very impressed with how prompt, courteous and professional everyone was who worked on our house. Everything being done was in a timely manner and really done by knowledgable and experienced workers. Thank you for giving us us beautifully cleaned Roof!”
– Amy A., Chatham, MA

“Thank you for doing such an exceptional job. We especially appreciated you handling our last minute requests -without getting upset and/or jacking up the price. We will recommend you guys to anyone with a roof that looked like ours used to. This was probably the best home maintenance money we have spent in years. It is instant gratification without spending months of your time and a fortune to replace the SAME roof that 5 hrs later, looks EXACTLY like it did new 5 yrs. ago!”
– Scotty and Joni, Orleans

“It was a pleasure doing business with You are honest people.”
– John & Nan Fitts

“You did a wonderful job with our property. We hope to recommend your business in the future. ”  – Chatham, MA

“You made our Summer! we were quoted $9300 by a Roof Contractor for a new roof. We saw your sign and called. You quoted us $700. You guys did an outsanding job. Neighbors are SURE we have a NEW Roof! You saved us Thousands. We were amazed at the extras you did at no extra charge, too. Your Company is over the top! Thank You, Thank You.”
– J. Hougan, Harwich

“Start to finish nice job!”
– Lil D., Chatham, MA

“Everything was great. The gutter staining was taken care of so the house looks great. I appreciate all the extra efforts made to take care of the difficult areas out front. Your company is great to deal with.”
– Don Martin, Harwich, MA

“Excellent Service and the Results Exactly as promised. Here is a business that is great and doesn’t over-promote its product. Highly Recommended.”
– James J. W., Harwich Port, MA

“Everything you did was Excellent. Told some friends, Hope they call!”
– Mike S., Dennis, MA

“You did a very complete job. My roof looks great and like new. You left the house and grounds looking like a picture! No mess left behind, no bushes damaged, etc. Awesome Job!!”
– M. Willen, Chatham

“I thought I needed a new roof. The mold was so thick! Now I do see my NEW roof (it’s really my old roof after you guys from did such a great job!) I am so pleased! My roof looks great and will last for many more years., thank you for the incredible job you did.”
– Larry B., Brewster

“I had been watching my roof get darker and more stained and uglier for many years, and when that mold crap started growing up there the last few years, I was sure I was going to have to replace the whole thing. You guys made my roof look brand new again, back to its original color with no trace of what a mess it was before you cleaned it. And it cost way less than I could have imagined for such stunning results. I had been fretting about paying for a whole new roof, but now I’m planning a vacation with the $$ instead! I was also amazed at how fast you did it, all in one afternoon and you left my property in perfect shape too. Thank you, I am really glad I heard of your company – before I shelled out thousands and thousands of dollars for a roof replacement that I really didn’t need!!”
– Doug H., Chatham

“You guy’s did a fantastic job, I can’t believe how clean you got that roof, it was so loaded with moss, you would have had to see my roof before they started to appreciate what great job they did. We were very, very pleased with the outcome! Thank you all at!”
– Mr. Rose, Harwich

“Treated us like family. Thank you!”
– Kris, N. Chatham

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